We Call Ourselves BeerSeekers

About BeerSighted

We call ourselves BeerSeekers.

Our passion is to explore the industry of craft beer. Our mission is to share our findings with the world. Our vision is to connect beer-lovers with brewers far and wide.

And we're going to have fun while doing it. Co-founded by four friends from Boston, MA, our tastes in beer are very different. The commonality is that, regardless of style, we have an affinity for craft brew.

It's more than just enjoying a couple cold ones from time to time. It's a fascination with the explosion of the craft beer industry, a love for the atmospheres that breweries create, and an appreciation for the ways in which beer brings people together.

If we can influence even one person to go to one new brewery, we've contributed to the growth of an amazing industry. Our sights are set exponentially higher than that and we're here to become an influential, entertaining, and reliable source within the craft brew scene.


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