Group of friends enjoying a beer in brew

 Meet BeerSighted 



Brandon Lawrence
Co-Founder & BeerSeeker
Salem, MA

Nick Nannicelli
Co-Founder & BeerSeeker
Hudson, MA


Brandon’s interest in craft beer dates back to his college days, foregoing the typical collegiate behemoths for local New Hampshire IPAs at the bar. Work brought him down to Philly, a major craft beer hub on the East Coast, roughly six years ago. During that time, he was able to try numerous beer styles and brewers, and visited plenty of the region’s craft breweries.


With a background in journalism and a current career in digital marketing/search engine optimization, Brandon largely handles the website content for BeerSighted – writing industry blogs and BrewReviews, editing stories and helping with site visibility. He also handles some social media for the team, and collaborates with the rest of the guys on brewery visits and podcast topics.


To reach out to Brandon, email BeerSighted at, or find him on social media @blawrence914.

Steve Solito
Co-Founder & BeerSeeker
Salem, MA


Nick and his college roommates started going on brewery tours their senior year of college and would venture from Newport, R.I., up to Boston on any given weekend. It is there where his affinity for not only craft beer, but the entire brewery experience, began. Nick is always looking for a new beer to fall in love with and has started brewing on his own as well.


You might find Nick “working” on the podcast from your local brewery as he spends most of his time sourcing material, writing episodes and editing the final drafts. He’s been known to dabble in the blog game as well, but for the most part he leaves that up to the professionals.


To reach out to Nick, email BeerSighted at, or find him on social media @nicknannicelli.

Tim Corcoran
Co-Founder & BeerSeeker
Franklin, MA


Steve was a late bloomer when it came to craft beer, but as they say: with age comes wisdom. And a refined palate. What initially drew him to the industry were the unique and creative settings and environments that breweries inspire, which remains his favorite aspect of the craft beer scene today. Now a fan of most beer styles (willing to try all!), craft beer has become a passion of his.

Steve’s background spans across many aspects of business, most recently in communications and digital marketing. He has brought those skills to BeerSighted, focusing on creating and developing the website and writing BrewReviews for the blog. As with the rest of the team, he contributes to social media and collaborates on the podcast.

To reach out to Steve, email BeerSighted at, or find him on social media @s.a._sol


When it comes to craft beer, Tim was also a little late to the party. In fact, he was late arriving to the beer scene altogether. But since he’s become a true beer drinker, his taste in beer runs all over the style spectrum. The biggest draw for Tim to the craft brew scene is more than just the beer itself, it's the entire experience. The idea of  people coming together for a common interest in beer is something that has always been fascinating to him. Being part of this unique experience is something that he enjoys the most. 

Tim’s background is far from a traditional career path, having started in the sports management field to now being a middle school teacher and coaching high school basketball. Being able to work with all levels of people in a variety of roles has allowed Tim to bring a unique eye to oversee the BeerSighted operations on a daily basis. Along with the rest of the team, Tim contributes to social media, blog and review writing and can be heard on the podcast. 

To reach out to Tim, email him at, or find him on social media @tjcorcoran54.