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Beer of the Week 1/17: Hopulization

Beer: Hopulization

Type: Double IPA

ABV: 8.9%

Brewer: Stoneface Brewing Co.

Location: Newington, NH

I was not aware of this limited release DIPA from Stoneface when I went out for my weekend beer run this past week, but thankfully our paths crossed! When I see a limited release out there, I have to at least give it a look.

Hopulization is double-dry hopped and described by Stoneface as being brewed with "irresponsible amounts of Galaxy and Calypso hops." Appreciating their honesty, I couldn't pass it up.

Dry-hopping is meant to add hop aroma to a beer without adding more bitterness. As soon as I cracked the can the aroma came blasting out, immediately hitting me with a refreshing citrus/pine combination and some spice mixed in. Mouthfeel and body were definitely on the full and heavy side of things and weighed the whole sip down for a smooth experience.

The irresponsible amount of hops hit the palate very quickly. While decently juicy from the chosen hop combination, it was cut by a solid earthiness and fatastic bitterness, which balanced things out well. If you are an IPA/hop lover, this beer will absolutely not disappoint. I only came home with two, but once I drank the first, I had to go straight for the second. Find it while you can!

For more information on Stoneface Brewing Co., visit their website here. And make sure to follow them on social media, @stonefacebrewing, for the latest information. Cheers!

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