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Beer of the Week 10/4: I'm Gonna be Big

Beer: I'm Gonna be Big

Type: Hazy Double IPA

ABV: 8.0%

Brewer: Springdale Beer Co.

Location: Framingham, MA

I'm usually more into the straight up hop bitterness you get from your standard IPA than the added punch that a double provides with the additional maltiness and, therefore, higher ABV. By nature, it takes away from the hoppiness I am usually seeking.

But this is the beauty of "Beer of the Week". When a brew unexpectedly delights, we can showcase it!

I'm Gonna be Big from Springdale was intriguing to me since I haven't had many hazy DIPAs in my time, so I gave it a shot. It poured a refreshing golden-orange with a solid inch of creamy foam (a few minutes before this picture was taken). It wasn't quite as hazy to the eye as I expected, but a looker nonetheless.

You could certainly feel the heaviness that came with the additional malt, but this sucker is loaded with Sultana and El Dorado hops too, giving it a needed balance. What stood out most to me was how the hops, the juiciness associated with the hazy style, and what I thought was more carbonation than normal really cut through through the additional weight.

All of these details gave this DIPA more of a nice-weather feel to it than I'd typically expect. One of the more thirst-quenching DIPAs you'll find! I enjoyed it on a patio under the sun on a cool New England fall day. Two thumbs up!

For more information on Springdale Beer Co., visit the website here. You can also check them out on social media @springdalebeer. Cheers!

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