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Beer of the Week 8/9: Heady Topper

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Beer: Heady Topper

Type: DIPA

ABV: 8.0%

Brewer: The Alchemist

Location: Stowe, VT

A lot of strange stuff has gone on in the year 2020. But it doesn't all have to be bad right?

RIGHT! Earlier this year Night Shift Distributing and The Alchemist out of Stowe, VT teamed up to bring a couple of very elusive beers from Vermont down into Massachusetts. The Focal Banger American IPA and the Heady Topper Double IPA are like mythical creatures to a lot of us, but I (BeerSeeker Steve here) got a shot at the latter this week.

I must say, I went into it a little skeptical. The hype surrounding Heady Topper seemed excessive to me. Especially for a Double IPA, which I am not always a huge fan of.

So how did Heady Topper snag BOTW? THE HOPS! It packed a punch like a DIPA should, but the hops came through with an amazing bitterness on the finish to cut through the piny/earthy and citrusy flavors. That combined with a refreshing amount of carbonation and medium body and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

So in closing, thank you Night Shift Distributing and The Alchemist Brewery for helping out the people of Massachusetts here in 2020!

Plenty of people vacation to Vermont year-round, so if you are one of them, find yourself some Heady Topper while you're there!

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