• Brandon Lawrence

Beer of the week 8/30: Jive

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Beer: Jive

Type: New England IPA

ABV: 6.4%

Brewer: Backbeat Brewing Company

Location: Beverly, MA

The first thing we heard at Backbeat Brewing Company when we walked in the door was: “We have Jive on draft. That’s our best seller, it’s back now but it’s typically sold out. Highly recommend trying it out!” Okay, so that kind of rave review gives us a good jumping off point.

Sure, if you work for Backbeat you’re trying to up-sell your product. But once we tried Jive, we got it. It’s easily one of the most flavorful New England-style IPAs I’ve ever tried. A blast of well-balanced tropical fruit combined with a perfect amount of hops goes down insanely smooth with a crisp, clean aftertaste. Honestly, it was a surprise just how quickly the fruitiness transitioned into hoppy and crisp. The only thing that would make this beer better is if it were available in cans for purchase, because you can be sure my fridge would be stocked with it. But for all beer lovers who are capable of getting to Massachusetts’ North Shore, this IPA is worth the trip in itself.

For more information on Backbeat Brewing Company, visit the website here. You can also check them out on social media @backbeatbrewing. Cheers!

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