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Beer of the Week 8/16: Hazelnut Coffee Milk Stout

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Beer: Hazelnut Coffee Milk Stout

Type: Milk Stout

ABV: 5.5%

Brewer: Black Hog Brewing

Location: Oxford, CT

I could write pages about this beer and why I like it, but for the sake of everyone’s time I’ll keep it brief. I’ll start with this: I (Brandon) recently moved back to New England and was immediately welcomed back with a beer whose label is Dunkin’-inspired. Congrats, you’ve got me on the hook already.

From the first sip I knew this was going to be my Beer of the Week. And I’ll preface that by saying I understand it’s not for everyone. In general, stouts during the summer are a tough sell, and I know there are many out there who don’t like when stouts get too gimmicky. To me, this was the most interesting flavor profile I’ve had from a stout - noticeable hazelnut and a sweet chocolatey twist, transitioning to the more bitter coffee taste but with a bit of a hoppy punch. It wasn’t too thick and overpowering with the sweetness from the lactose either. I could see this being the perfect brunch stout or post-dinner dessert beer. It’s so flavorful and smooth, I’d order one at Dunks if I could.

For more information on Black Hog Brewing, like where you can find this Hazelnut Coffee Milk Stout along with other brews of theirs, visit the website here. You can also check them out on social media @blackhogbeer. Cheers!

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