• Brandon Lawrence

Beer of the Week 5/10: Blood of the Unicorn

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Beer: Blood of the Unicorn

Type: American Amber/Red Ale

ABV: 6.5%

Brewer: Pipeworks Brewing Co.

Location: Chicago, IL

If this can art doesn’t catch your attention, I’m not sure what will. A typical red ale is associated with a sweeter taste and the wonderfully fruity aroma that this brew gives off may fool you into thinking it’s par for the course. On the contrary! Upon first sip you will notice this baby is loaded with hops. So much so that even IPA fans will enjoy it. What really makes this beer stand out is the hop-forward taste, filled with piney and fruity american hops, and the semi-sweet finish combining two of our favorite things in one beast of a beer.

For more information on Pipeworks Brewing Co. (Chicago, Ill.), like where you can find Blood of the Unicorn along with other brews of theirs, visit their website here. You can also check them out on social media @pipeworksbrewing.

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