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Beer of the Week 6/14: Cloud Candy

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Beer: Cloud Candy

Type: New England IPA

ABV: 6.5%

Brewer: Mighty Squirrel Brewing Co.

Location: Waltham, MA

Cloud Candy is by far the most drinkable IPA we have come across since we started BeerSighted. Three out of the four of us have had it now numerous times and agree that this is simply one of the best beers we've had along the way.

This New England-style IPA pours a beautiful hazy golden with aromas of tropical fruits and a smooth, crisp ride to the finish. Relative to a lot of other very drinkable beers, this one is in fact mighty, coming in at 6.5%.

We also love to try beers and think about when and where is this beer best suited for drinking. Cloud Candy is a very versatile beer in this way. Whether it's staying warm in the winter months or hitting the golf course on a hot summer's day, Cloud Candy is always the right choice; a perfect combination of refreshing and satisfying that we think all beer lovers can agree upon.

Do yourself a favor and head into your weekend on CLOUD 9 with a couple Cloud Candys!

For more information on Mighty Squirrel, visit their website here. You can also check them out on social media @mightysqrl.

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