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Beer of the Week 10/18: Phone Home

Beer: Phone Home

Type: Peanut Butter Porter

ABV: 6.2%

Brewer: Night Shift Brewing

Location: Everett, MA

Unpopular opinion: E.T. sucks and is a terrifying monster that freaked me out as a child, and I don’t see how anyone thought he/she/it was anything different. Seriously, the scene outside the shed where Elliott meets E.T. is the stuff child nightmares are made of.

Fortunately that traumatic callback didn’t steer me away from this beer. I know many beer lovers out there have a love/hate relationship with dark beers, and the fact that this porter trots out unmistakable notes of peanut butter and hazelnut may not help those on the fence. But if I say the words “Sweet Baby Jesus” and your ears immediately perk up, then this beer is for you.

Phone Home is on the sweeter side, making this a great option for a dessert beer. A main peanut butter aroma follows through to the sip, complemented by cocoa and hazelnut that is characteristic of many porters. This isn’t heavy or over-the-top sweet as some of your other PB/chocolate porters on the market either. It pours a dark brown and tastes a little dry, with decent carbonation. While everyone else is eating candy this Halloween, I’d say this is a great adult alternative!

For more information on Night Shift Brewing, visit the website here. You can also check them out on social media @nightshiftbrewing. Cheers!

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