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Beer of the Week 11/8: UFO Winter Blonde

Beer: Winter Blonde

Type: Seasonal Hefeweizen, Blonde Vanilla Coffee Ale

ABV: 4.9%

Brewer: UFO Beers

Location: Boston, MA and Windsor, VT

As a part of the Mass. Bay Brewing Company, UFO Beers can always be counted on to offer up a unique variation of well-known styles of beer typically seen from their parent company. This Winter Blonde, while styled as a Hefeweizen, would be hard to describe as such to someone who didn’t know better.

In collaboration with Boston Common Coffee Co., another local business, the brewers of both the coffee and the beer have combined forces to create something truly special with this beer. By utilizing the flavors of the vanilla cold brew coffee and the texture of the Hefeweizen style, they’ve crafted one of the most drinkable wheat beers you will find on the market. The union of these two styles of brews (beer & coffee) create a light, almost creamy texture. There’s also just enough of that vanilla flavor to make your taste buds begin to think you’re drinking a nice latte or hot chocolate as you sit by a fire during the cold winter months.

We think you’d be hard pressed to find a winter beer that is as drinkable and enjoyable as UFO Winter Blonde. This beer truly falls in a unique category, showing that just because the colder months are here does not mean we must turn to all dark beers as we wait for the warmer months ahead. UFO Winter Blonde helps usher in the winter season while keeping us thinking of the warm times ahead.

If you have the opportunity to grab UFO Winter Blonde, we certainly recommend it. It may just end up being your go-to beer for the season.

For more information on UFO Beers, visit their website. You can also find them on social media @ufobeers. Cheers, BeerSeekers, and stay warm this winter!

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